2mgovercsquared Age, Birthday, Bio, Zodiac, Family & Fun Facts

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2mgovercsquared Age, Birthday, Birthplace, Bio, Zodiac &  Family

2mgovercsquared Facts

Full Name2mgovercsquared
BirthdateMarch 20, 1991
Birth PlaceTexas
Age (in 2023)32 Years Old
OccupationYouTube Star

2mgovercsquared Age & Birthday

2mgovercsquared is best known as YouTube Star who has born on March 20, 1991 in Texas. Currently, 2mgovercsquared is 32 years, 2 months and 17 days old. 2mgovercsquared will celebrate 33rd birthday on Wednesday, 20th of March 2024. Below the countdown to 2mgovercsquared upcoming birthday.

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2mgovercsquared Biography


YouTube gamer and Twitch live streamer who also posts vlogs to her highly successful channel. She is a member of the group The Peep Crew Family on YouTube and Dapper Crew on Twitch.

Before Fame

She uploaded her first video on October 31, 2013, and she accumulated more than 225,000 subscribers in her first year and a half on YouTube.


Her YouTube channel name is derived from the equation R=2(MassxGravityConstant)/c2, also known as the The Schwarzschild radius.

Family Life

She was born in Katy, Texas and has lived in Florida, Washington, and Hawaii. She was supposed to be born one month later on April 20th. She has two older brothers named Kuya and Ajay and a younger sister named Morgan.

Associated With

She posted a video titled "GOLDY vs ALLY (Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft)" with GoldGloveTV in January of 2015.

Top Asked Questions about 2mgovercsquared

How old is 2mgovercsquared in 2023?

2mgovercsquared is 32 years old today.

When was 2mgovercsquared born?

2mgovercsquared was born on March 20, 1991 in Texas.

What is 2mgovercsquared zodiac sign?

2mgovercsquared zodiac sign is Pisces.

What was 2mgovercsquared best known for?

2mgovercsquared was best known as YouTube Star.

Fun Facts about 2mgovercsquared's Birthday

Here's quick list of some fun facts about 2mgovercsquared's birthday you must know including detailed age calculation, western astrology, roman numeral, birthstone and birth flower.

  • 2mgovercsquared was born on Wednesday, 79th day / 12th week of 1991
  • 2mgovercsquared has Pisces zodiac sign and Water element based on western astrology
  • Roman numeral of 2mgovercsquared birthday is XX.III.MCMXCI
  • 2mgovercsquared's birthstone is Aquamarine
  • 2mgovercsquared's birth flower is Daffodil that symbolize spring, rebirth, domestic happiness & love
  • 2mgovercsquared age in year is 32 years old
  • 2mgovercsquared age in month is 386 months old
  • 2mgovercsquared age in day is 11766 days old
  • 2mgovercsquared age in hour is 282384 hours old
  • 2mgovercsquared age in minute is 16943040 minutes old
  • 2mgovercsquared age in second is 1016582400 seconds old
  • Next 2mgovercsquared birthday is on Wednesday, March 20th 2024
  • 2mgovercsquared age in next birthday (2024) is 33 years old
  • Learn more interesting facts about March 20, 1991 birthday

Historical Events on 2mgovercsquared Birthday (March 20)

Below are historical events that coincided with 2mgovercsquared's birthday including important historical events as well as births and deaths of historical figures.

1985Canadian paraplegic athlete and humanitarian Rick Hansen begins his circumnavigation of the globe in a wheelchair in the name of spinal cord injury medical research.
1987The Food and Drug Administration approves the anti-AIDS drug, AZT.
1988Eritrean War of Independence: Having defeated the Nadew Command, the Eritrean People's Liberation Front enters the town of Afabet, victoriously concluding the Battle of Afabet.
1990Ferdinand Marcos's widow, Imelda Marcos, goes on trial for bribery, embezzlement, and racketeering.
1993The Troubles: A Provisional IRA bomb kills two children in Warrington, England. It leads to mass protests in both Britain and Ireland.
1995The Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo carries out a sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, killing 13 and wounding over 6,200 people.
1999Legoland California, the first Legoland outside of Europe, opens in Carlsbad, California, US.
2000Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, a former Black Panther once known as H. Rap Brown, is captured after murdering Georgia sheriff's deputy Ricky Kinchen and critically wounding Deputy Aldranon English.
2003Iraq War: The United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Poland begin an invasion of Iraq.
2006Over 150 Chadian soldiers are killed in eastern Chad by members of the rebel UFDC. The rebel movement sought to overthrow Chadian president Idriss Déby.
2010Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland begins eruptions that would last for three months, heavily disrupting air travel in Europe.
2012At least 52 people are killed and more than 250 injured in a wave of terror attacks across ten cities in Iraq.
2014Four suspected Taliban members attack the Kabul Serena Hotel, killing at least nine people.
2015A Solar eclipse, equinox, and a supermoon all occur on the same day.
2015Syrian civil war: The Siege of Kobanî is broken by the People's Protection Units (YPG) and Free Syrian Army (FSA), marking a turning point in the Rojava-Islamist conflict.
1986The birth of Román Torres, Panamanian footballer
1987The birth of Daniel Maa Boumsong, Cameroonian footballer
1987The birth of Jô, Brazilian footballer
1987The birth of Pedro Ken, Brazilian footballer
1987The birth of Sergei Kostitsyn, Belarusian ice hockey player
1989The birth of Xavier Dolan, Canadian actor and director
1989The birth of Tamim Iqbal, Bangladeshi Cricketer
1990The birth of Blake Ferguson, Australian rugby league player
1990The birth of Marcos Rojo, Argentine footballer
1991The birth of Mattia Destro, Italian footballer
1991The birth of Michał Kucharczyk, Polish footballer
1991The birth of Ethan Lowe, Australian rugby league player
1993The birth of Sloane Stephens, American tennis player
1995The birth of Jack Bird, Australian rugby league player
1995The birth of Kei, South Korean singer
2012The death of Jim Stynes, Irish-Australian footballer (b. 1966)
2013The death of James Herbert, English author (b. 1943)
2013The death of George Lowe, New Zealand-English mountaineer and explorer (b. 1924)
2013The death of Zillur Rahman, Bangladeshi lawyer and politician, 19th President of Bangladesh (b. 1929)
2014The death of Hennie Aucamp, South African poet, author, and academic (b. 1934)
2014The death of Hilderaldo Bellini, Brazilian footballer (b. 1930)
2014The death of Tonie Nathan, American politician (b. 1923)
2014The death of Khushwant Singh, Indian journalist and author (b. 1915)
2015The death of Eva Burrows, Australian 13th General of The Salvation Army (b. 1929)
2015The death of Malcolm Fraser, Australian politician, 22nd Prime Minister of Australia (b. 1930)
2016The death of Anker Jørgensen, Danish politician, Prime Minister of Denmark (b. 1922)
2017The death of David Rockefeller, American billionaire and philanthropist (b. 1915)
2018The death of C. K. Mann, a Ghanaian Highlife musician and producer (b. 1936)
2019The death of Mary Warnock, English philosopher and writer (b. 1924)
2020The death of Kenny Rogers, American singer (b. 1938)

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