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Popular Birthdays by Profession

Discover famous people birthdays by most popular professions in the world.

Times have changed, everyone's profession is increasingly varied. In this digital era, there are many new professions that are trending. There are many new professions that people in the digital world are engaged in, such as being YouTube Stars, Instagram Stars and TikTok Stars. These three professions currently occupy the highest positions on our database.

YouTube Stars

The most popular profession today is a YouTube star. Many young people create content and upload it on YouTube because YouTube is the largest video platform in the world. Many of them became YouTube stars and made a lot of money from YouTube. There are 22281 people in our database who are YouTube Stars including PewDiePie, Like Nastya, Elle Meadows and much more.

Instagram Stars

Just like YouTube, Instagram has now become famous and has become the largest social media application in the world since Mark Zuckerberg acquired Instagram. Many people use it to do business and make money from it. There are 14701 people in our database who are Instagram Stars including Jules Hunt, Sarah Payne, Efrén Perdomo, and many more.

TikTok Stars

TikTok is a popular user-generated video sharing social network, most people lip-syncing to popular songs. Initially it was called (pronounced MU-zik-lee). Users can create and upload their own videos where they lip-sync, sing, dance, or just talk. There are 11018 people in our database who are TikTok Stars including Brian Faltyn, Jayden Hackbarth, Nupur Sharma, and many more.

YouTube Star (22280)Instagram Star (14701)TikTok Star (11018)Pop Singer (9041)TV Actress (8947)TV Actor (8534)Model (6747)Soccer Player (6217)Movie Actor (5327)Movie Actress (5078)Reality Star (4801)Rapper (4444)Politician (3601)TV Show Host (3203)Family Member (3078)Football Player (3061)Blogger (3012)Dancer (2422)World Music Singer (2375)Baseball Player (2278)Entrepreneur (2184)Journalist (2121)Guitarist (2087)Rock Singer (2027)Basketball Player (1990)Comedian (1886)Novelist (1838)Director (1567)Photographer (1537)Poet (1363)Drummer (1254)Hockey Player (1240)DJ (1225)Country Singer (1133)Pianist (1128)Fashion Designer (1128)Screenwriter (1100)Composer (1088)R&B Singer (1007)Wrestler (1000)Rugby Player (931)Chef (925)Race Car Driver (893)Soap Opera Actress (891)Bassist (885)Music Producer (879)Painter (818)Cricket Player (739)Twitch Star (724)Illustrator (716)Boxer (716)Radio Host (688)MMA Fighter (657)Religious Leader (642)Soap Opera Actor (641)Stage Actress (607)eSports Player (594)Bodybuilder (582)Pageant Contestant (564)Folk Singer (551)Stage Actor (539)Fitness Instructor (507)Criminal (502)War Hero (497)Tennis Player (494)Dog (488)Runner (486)Sportscaster (480)Sculptor (478)Voice Actor (466)Business Executive (466)Makeup Artist (461)Golfer (456)Gymnast (397)Non-Fiction Author (395)Astronaut (386)Stylist (372)Architect (368)Doctor (360)Cartoonist (358)Football Coach (350)World Leader (348)Skateboarder (345)Activist (339)Gospel Singer (337)Film Producer (335)Vine Star (327)Voice Actress (324)Children's Author (320)Philosopher (314)Tattoo Artist (312)Metal Singer (308)TV Producer (299)Saxophonist (295)Songwriter (294)Swimmer (289)Skier (288)Chess Player (281)Magician (276)Playwright (273)Motorcycle Racer (263)Soul Singer (261)Surfer (258)Lawyer (246)Cyclist (246)Volleyball Player (245)Figure Skater (227)Teacher (225)Opera Singer (224)Basketball Coach (223)Civil Rights Leader (219)Reggae Singer (210)Australian Rules Footballer (198)Explorer (195)Jazz Singer (190)Choreographer (187)YouNow Star (186)Violinist (186)Physicist (180)Trumpet Player (178)Young Adult Author (178)Twitter Star (171)Cosplayer (169)Pilot (168)Soccer Coach (165)Game Show Host (160)Engineer (160)Weight Lifter (156)Self-Help Author (155)Facebook Star (146)BMX Rider (140)Martial Artist (140)Political Wife (136)Graphic Designer (136)Chemist (135)Cat (135)Punk Singer (135)Blues Singer (126)Cheerleader (122)Funimate Star (120)Comic Book Artist (120)Horse Jockey (116)Game Designer (107)Multimedia Artist (106)Biologist (104)Inventor (103)Snowboarder (102)Historian (99)Reggaeton Singer (98)Supreme Court Justice (97)Snapchat Star (97)Mathematician (96)Interior Designer (95)Triathlete (93)Memoirist (92)Equestrian (91)Animator (91)Baseball Manager (82)Speed Skater (74)Princess (74)Pop Artist (73)Podcast Host (73)Diver (68)Sports Executive (68)Prince (67)King (67) Star (64)Economist (63)Mountain Biker (62)Comic Book Author (61)Likee Star (59)Cinematographer (59)Badminton Player (58)Religious Author (57)Field Hockey Player (55)Psychologist (54)Astronomer (53)Rock Climber (53)Handball Player (52)Kickboxer (50)Darts Player (49)Hockey Coach (49)Conceptual Artist (48)Autobiographer (46)US President (44)Hurdler (40)Freerunner (39)Computer Scientist (37)Essayist (36)Motivational Speaker (35)Softball Player (34)Queen (33)Law Enforcement Officer (33)Fencer (33)Biathlete (32)Mountain Climber (32)Cellist (32)Flute Player (32)Long Jumper (32)Sports Shooter (31)Rower (31)Referee (30)Curler (30)Performance Artist (29)Supercentenarian (29)Bull Rider (29)Conductor (28)Stunt Double (28)High Jumper (27)Meteorologist (27)Funk Singer (27)Talent Manager (26)Netball Player (26)Puppeteer (25)Botanist (25)Snooker Player (25)Sailor (25)Accordionist (25)Pole Vaulter (24)Javelin Thrower (24)Geologist (24)Bobsledder (23)Scooter Rider (23)Shot Putter (22)Pharmacologist (22)Geneticist (21)Paralympian (21)Wakeboarder (21)Environmentalist (20)Lacrosse Player (20)Astrologer (20)Physiologist (20)Beatboxer (20)Table Tennis Player (19)Emperor (18)Zoologist (17)Paleontologist (16)Production Designer (16)Gaelic Football Player (16)Triple Jumper (16)Hurler (16)Pentathlete (15)Jewelry Designer (15)Canoer (15)Rugby Coach (15)Bowler (14)Trombone Player (14)Daredevil (14)Anthropologist (14)Water Polo Player (14)Astrophysicist (14)Bullfighter (13)Ventriloquist (13)Discus Thrower (13)Race Walker (12)Dog Musher (12)Fisherman (12)Squash Player (12)Archer (11)Competitive Eater (11)Titanic Survivor (11)Skeleton Racer (11)Sound Designer (10)Archeologist (10)Decathlete (10)Political Scientist (10)Hammer Thrower (9)Luger (9)Sociologist (9)Neurologist (9)Psychiatrist (9)Clarinet Player (9)Duchess (8)Gymnastics Coach (8)Umpire (8)Veterinarian (8)Anatomist (8)Computer Programmer (8)Banjo Player (7)Boxing Trainer (7)Conservationist (6)Oceanographer (6)Skydiver (6)Cheerleading Coach (6)Monster Truck Driver (6)Kayaker (6)Tennis Coach (5)Empress (5)Snowmobile Racer (5)Virologist (5)Sultan (5)Sitar Player (5)Linguist (5)Countess (4)Pathologist (4)Billiards Player (4)Violist (4)Weibo Star (4)Duke (4)Lord (3)Artist (2)Mixer Star (1)

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