Alexis Jones Age, Birthday, Bio, Zodiac, Family & Fun Facts

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Alexis Jones Age, Birthday, Birthplace, Bio, Zodiac &  Family

Alexis Jones Facts

Full NameAlexis Jones
BirthdateJuly 06, 1983
Birth PlaceAustin, TX
Age (in 2024)40 Years Old

Alexis Jones Age & Birthday

Alexis Jones is best known as Entrepreneur who has born on July 06, 1983 in Austin, TX. Currently, Alexis Jones is 40 years, 11 months and 18 days old. Alexis Jones will celebrate 41st birthday on Saturday, 6th of July 2024. Below the countdown to Alexis Jones upcoming birthday.

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Alexis Jones Biography


Television personality, reality television contestant, author, female empowerment motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, she is best known for creating the I Am That Girl organization and for her participation on CBS's Survivor.

Before Fame

She attended the University of Southern California for both undergraduate and graduate school, where she earned a bachelor in international relations and a masters in communication management. While there she hosted a college television show at red carpet events and interned at Fox Sports and ESPN.


She has held lectures on female empowerment and her new redefining manhood program, ProtectHer, at the United Nations, The White House, Harvard Business School, Stanford, NASA Innovation Summit, ESPN, NIKE, and Girl Scouts of America. She served as a coach on MTV's MADE.

Family Life

She was born and raised alongside four older brothers in Austin, Texas. She married Brad Buckman.

Associated With

She was hailed as one of the Makers in AOL's series that also featured Hillary Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, and Sheryl Sandberg.

Top Asked Questions about Alexis Jones

How old is Alexis Jones in 2024?

Alexis Jones is 40 years old today.

When was Alexis Jones born?

Alexis Jones was born on July 06, 1983 in Austin, TX.

What is Alexis Jones zodiac sign?

Alexis Jones zodiac sign is Cancer.

What was Alexis Jones best known for?

Alexis Jones was best known as Entrepreneur.

Fun Facts about Alexis Jones's Birthday

Here's quick list of some fun facts about Alexis Jones's birthday you must know including detailed age calculation, western astrology, roman numeral, birthstone and birth flower.

  • Alexis Jones was born on Wednesday, 187th day / 27th week of 1983
  • Alexis Jones has Cancer zodiac sign and Water element based on western astrology
  • Roman numeral of Alexis Jones birthday is VI.VII.MCMLXXXIII
  • Alexis Jones's birthstone is Ruby
  • Alexis Jones's birth flower is Water Lily that symbolize joyful, fickleness, sweet & magic
  • Alexis Jones age in year is 40 years old
  • Alexis Jones age in month is 491 months old
  • Alexis Jones age in day is 14964 days old
  • Alexis Jones age in hour is 359136 hours old
  • Alexis Jones age in minute is 21548160 minutes old
  • Alexis Jones age in second is 1292889600 seconds old
  • Next Alexis Jones birthday is on Sunday, July 6th 2025
  • Alexis Jones age in next birthday (2025) is 41 years old
  • Learn more interesting facts about July 06, 1983 birthday

Historical Events on Alexis Jones Birthday (July 06)

Below are historical events that coincided with Alexis Jones's birthday including important historical events as well as births and deaths of historical figures.

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1981The birth of Roman Shirokov, Russian footballer
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