Cindy Sherman Age, Birthday, Bio, Zodiac, Family & Fun Facts

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Cindy Sherman Age, Birthday, Birthplace, Bio, Zodiac &  Family

Cindy Sherman Facts

Full NameCindy Sherman
BirthdateJanuary 19, 1954
Birth PlaceGlen Ridge, NJ
Age (in 2022)68 Years Old

Cindy Sherman Age & Birthday

Cindy Sherman is best known as Photographer who has born on January 19, 1954 in Glen Ridge, NJ. Currently, Cindy Sherman is 68 years, 10 months and 11 days old. Cindy Sherman will celebrate 69th birthday on Thursday, 19th of January 2023. Below the countdown to Cindy Sherman upcoming birthday.

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Cindy Sherman Biography


Photographer and director who directed Office Killer in 1997, starring Molly Ringwald.

Before Fame

She became interested in photography after attending Buffalo State College.


Her exhibition Untitled Film Stills has been featured at the Museum of Modern Art.

Family Life

She married Michel Auder and later dated David Byrne from 2007 to 2011.

Associated With

She made a cameo appearance in the John Waters film Pecker.

Top Asked Questions about Cindy Sherman

How old is Cindy Sherman in 2022?

Cindy Sherman is 68 years old today.

When was Cindy Sherman born?

Cindy Sherman was born on January 19, 1954 in Glen Ridge, NJ.

What is Cindy Sherman zodiac sign?

Cindy Sherman zodiac sign is Capricorn.

What was Cindy Sherman best known for?

Cindy Sherman was best known as Photographer.

Fun Facts about Cindy Sherman's Birthday

Here's quick list of some fun facts about Cindy Sherman's birthday you must know including detailed age calculation, western astrology, roman numeral, birthstone and birth flower.

  • Cindy Sherman was born on Tuesday, 19th day / 03rd week of 1954
  • Cindy Sherman has Capricorn zodiac sign and Earth element based on western astrology
  • Roman numeral of Cindy Sherman birthday is XIX.I.MCMLIV
  • Cindy Sherman's birthstone is Garnet
  • Cindy Sherman's birth flower is Carnation that symbolize fascination, distinction & love
  • Cindy Sherman age in year is 68 years old
  • Cindy Sherman age in month is 826 months old
  • Cindy Sherman age in day is 25152 days old
  • Cindy Sherman age in hour is 603648 hours old
  • Cindy Sherman age in minute is 36218880 minutes old
  • Cindy Sherman age in second is 2173132800 seconds old
  • Next Cindy Sherman birthday is on Thursday, January 19th 2023
  • Cindy Sherman age in next birthday (2023) is 69 years old
  • Learn more interesting facts about January 19, 1954 birthday

Historical Events on Cindy Sherman Birthday (January 19)

Below are historical events that coincided with Cindy Sherman's birthday including important historical events as well as births and deaths of historical figures.

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1981Iran hostage crisis: United States and Iranian officials sign an agreement to release 52 American hostages after 14 months of captivity.
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1983The Apple Lisa, the first commercial personal computer from Apple Inc. to have a graphical user interface and a computer mouse, is announced.
1986The first IBM PC computer virus is released into the wild. A boot sector virus dubbed (c)Brain, it was created by the Farooq Alvi Brothers in Lahore, Pakistan, reportedly to deter unauthorized copying of the software they had written.
1991Gulf War: Iraq fires a second Scud missile into Israel, causing 15 injuries.
1993Czech Republic and Slovakia join the United Nations.
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1996The barge North Cape oil spill occurs as an engine fire forces the tugboat Scandia ashore on Moonstone Beach in South Kingstown, Rhode Island.
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2007Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink is assassinated in front of his newspaper's Istanbul office by 17-year-old Turkish ultra-nationalist Ogün Samast.
2007Four-man Team N2i, using only skis and kites, completes a 1,093-mile (1,759 km) trek to reach the Antarctic pole of inaccessibility for the first time since 1965 and for the first time ever without mechanical assistance.
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2018The death of Munnu Bhai, Pakistani newspaper journalist and columnist, poet and writer (b. 1933)
2018The death of Fredo Santana, American rapper (b. 1990)

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