Fábio Luciano Age, Birthday, Bio, Zodiac, Family & Fun Facts

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Fábio Luciano Age, Birthday, Birthplace, Bio, Zodiac &  Family

Fábio Luciano Facts

Full NameFábio Luciano
BirthdateApril 29, 1975
Birth PlaceVinhedo, Brazil
Age (in 2022)47 Years Old
OccupationSoccer Player

Fábio Luciano Age & Birthday

Fábio Luciano is best known as Soccer Player who has born on April 29, 1975 in Vinhedo, Brazil. Currently, Fábio Luciano is 47 years, 4 months and 28 days old. Fábio Luciano will celebrate 48th birthday on Saturday, 29th of April 2023. Below the countdown to Fábio Luciano upcoming birthday.

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Fábio Luciano Biography


Former defender best known for his time with the Brazilian clubs Corinthians and Flamengo. 

Before Fame

He played for the Turkish soccer club Fenerbahçe from 2003 to 2006 when his contract was not renewed due to injury.


He retired after winning the Rio State Championship in 2009. 

Family Life

He was born in Vinhedo, Brazil. 

Associated With

Lincoln Corrêa dos Santos, Federico Mancuello and Lucas Paqueta have all played for Flamengo. 

Top Asked Questions about Fábio Luciano

How old is Fábio Luciano in 2022?

Fábio Luciano is 47 years old today.

When was Fábio Luciano born?

Fábio Luciano was born on April 29, 1975 in Vinhedo, Brazil.

What is Fábio Luciano zodiac sign?

Fábio Luciano zodiac sign is Taurus.

What was Fábio Luciano best known for?

Fábio Luciano was best known as Soccer Player.

Fun Facts about Fábio Luciano's Birthday

Here's quick list of some fun facts about Fábio Luciano's birthday you must know including detailed age calculation, western astrology, roman numeral, birthstone and birth flower.

  • Fábio Luciano was born on Tuesday, 119th day / 18th week of 1975
  • Fábio Luciano has Taurus zodiac sign and Earth element based on western astrology
  • Roman numeral of Fábio Luciano birthday is XXIX.IV.MCMLXXV
  • Fábio Luciano's birthstone is Diamond
  • Fábio Luciano's birth flower is Sweet pea that symbolize egard, youth & purity
  • Fábio Luciano age in year is 47 years old
  • Fábio Luciano age in month is 568 months old
  • Fábio Luciano age in day is 17318 days old
  • Fábio Luciano age in hour is 415632 hours old
  • Fábio Luciano age in minute is 24937920 minutes old
  • Fábio Luciano age in second is 1496275200 seconds old
  • Next Fábio Luciano birthday is on Saturday, April 29th 2023
  • Fábio Luciano age in next birthday (2023) is 48 years old
  • Learn more interesting facts about April 29, 1975 birthday

Historical Events on Fábio Luciano Birthday (April 29)

Below are historical events that coincided with Fábio Luciano's birthday including important historical events as well as births and deaths of historical figures.

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1970Vietnam War: United States and South Vietnamese forces invade Cambodia to hunt Viet Cong.
1974Watergate scandal: United States President Richard Nixon announces the release of edited transcripts of White House tape recordings relating to the scandal.
1975Vietnam War: Operation Frequent Wind: The U.S. begins to evacuate U.S. citizens from Saigon before an expected North Vietnamese takeover. U.S. involvement in the war comes to an end.
1975Vietnam War: The North Vietnamese army completes its capture of all parts of South Vietnamese-held Trường Sa Islands.
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1986Chernobyl disaster: American and European spy satellites capture the ruins of the 4th Reactor at the Chernobyl Power Plant.
1991A cyclone strikes the Chittagong district of southeastern Bangladesh with winds of around 155 miles per hour (249 km/h), killing at least 138,000 people and leaving as many as ten million homeless.
1991The 7.0 Mw  Racha earthquake affects Georgia with a maximum MSK intensity of IX (Destructive), killing 270 people.
1992Riots in Los Angeles, following the acquittal of police officers charged with excessive force in the beating of Rodney King. Over the next three days 63 people are killed and hundreds of buildings are destroyed.
1997The Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993 enters into force, outlawing the production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons by its signatories.
2011The Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton takes place at Westminster Abbey in London.
2013A powerful explosion occurs in an office building in Prague, believed to have been caused by natural gas, injures 43 people.
2013National Airlines Flight 102, a Boeing 747-400, crashes during takeoff from Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, killing all seven people on board.
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1987The birth of Knut Børsheim, Norwegian golfer
1987The birth of Sara Errani, Italian tennis player
1988The birth of Elías Hernández, Mexican footballer
1988The birth of Alfred Hui, Hong Kong singer
1988The birth of Jovan Leacock, American football player
1988The birth of Jonathan Toews, Canadian ice hockey player
1988The birth of Younha, South Korean singer-songwriter and record producer
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1991The birth of Jung Hye-sung, South Korean actress
1992The birth of Emilio Orozco, American soccer player
1994The birth of Christina Shakovets, German tennis player
1995The birth of Victoria Sinitsina, Russian ice dancer
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1998The birth of Kimberly Birrell, Australian tennis player
2007The birth of Infanta Sofía of Spain, Spanish princess
2013The death of John La Montaine, American pianist and composer (b. 1920)
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2015The death of Dan Walker, American lawyer and politician, 36th Governor of Illinois (b. 1922)
2016The death of Renato Corona, Filipino lawyer and jurist, 23rd Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines (b. 1948)
2019The death of John Singleton, American film director, producer and screenwriter (b. 1968)
2019The death of Josef Šural, Czech footballer (b. 1990)

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