Geoff Rickly Age, Birthday, Bio, Zodiac, Family & Fun Facts

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Geoff Rickly Age, Birthday, Birthplace, Bio, Zodiac &  Family

Geoff Rickly Facts

Full NameGeoff Rickly
BirthdateMarch 08, 1979
Birth PlaceDumont, NJ
Age (in 2022)43 Years Old
OccupationRock Singer

Geoff Rickly Age & Birthday

Geoff Rickly is best known as Rock Singer who has born on March 08, 1979 in Dumont, NJ. Currently, Geoff Rickly is 43 years, 6 months and 17 days old. Geoff Rickly will celebrate 44th birthday on Wednesday, 8th of March 2023. Below the countdown to Geoff Rickly upcoming birthday.

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Geoff Rickly Biography


Vocalist best known as the frontman for the American post-hardcore band Thursday. He has also fronted the bands United Nations and No Devotion.

Before Fame

He was a tenor sax player at Dumont High School in his hometown of Dumont, New Jersey.


He suffers from epilepsy, which has led to him becoming ill while on tour.

Family Life

He has been married and divorced.

Associated With

He and Glassjaw's Daryl Palumbo have both performed as members of United Nations.

Top Asked Questions about Geoff Rickly

How old is Geoff Rickly in 2022?

Geoff Rickly is 43 years old today.

When was Geoff Rickly born?

Geoff Rickly was born on March 08, 1979 in Dumont, NJ.

What is Geoff Rickly zodiac sign?

Geoff Rickly zodiac sign is Pisces.

What was Geoff Rickly best known for?

Geoff Rickly was best known as Rock Singer.

Fun Facts about Geoff Rickly's Birthday

Here's quick list of some fun facts about Geoff Rickly's birthday you must know including detailed age calculation, western astrology, roman numeral, birthstone and birth flower.

  • Geoff Rickly was born on Thursday, 67th day / 10th week of 1979
  • Geoff Rickly has Pisces zodiac sign and Water element based on western astrology
  • Roman numeral of Geoff Rickly birthday is VIII.III.MCMLXXIX
  • Geoff Rickly's birthstone is Aquamarine
  • Geoff Rickly's birth flower is Daffodil that symbolize spring, rebirth, domestic happiness & love
  • Geoff Rickly age in year is 43 years old
  • Geoff Rickly age in month is 522 months old
  • Geoff Rickly age in day is 15907 days old
  • Geoff Rickly age in hour is 381768 hours old
  • Geoff Rickly age in minute is 22906080 minutes old
  • Geoff Rickly age in second is 1374364800 seconds old
  • Next Geoff Rickly birthday is on Wednesday, March 8th 2023
  • Geoff Rickly age in next birthday (2023) is 44 years old
  • Learn more interesting facts about March 08, 1979 birthday

Historical Events on Geoff Rickly Birthday (March 08)

Below are historical events that coincided with Geoff Rickly's birthday including important historical events as well as births and deaths of historical figures.

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1979Philips demonstrates the compact disc publicly for the first time.
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