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Mark Bell Age, Birthday, Birthplace, Bio, Zodiac &  Family

Mark Bell Facts

Full NameMark Bell
BirthdateDecember 10, 1976
Birth PlaceSacramento, CA
Age (in 2022)45 Years Old
OccupationWeight Lifter

Mark Bell Age & Birthday

Mark Bell is best known as Weight Lifter who has born on December 10, 1976 in Sacramento, CA. Currently, Mark Bell is 45 years, 9 months and 25 days old. Mark Bell will celebrate 46th birthday on Saturday, 10th of December 2022. Below the countdown to Mark Bell upcoming birthday.

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Mark Bell Biography


American powerlifter who was featured in the 2008 film Bigger, Stronger, Faster, which took an objective use at steroid use and was directed by his brother Chris. He founded POWER Magazine and Super Training Gym and invented a weightlifting accessory called the Sling Shot.

Before Fame

He started weightlifting when he was only 11-years-old and quickly established himself as an elite powerlifter. He also spent time as professional wrestler where he acquired the nickname "Smelly."


His combined lift of 2,551 pounds (1,025 squat, 854 bench, 755 deadlift) set a California record. He gained attention for being open about his steroid use in his brother's documentary.

Family Life

He and his wife Andee have two children. His brother Chris is also a powerlifter, as was his late brother Mike. He was born to Rosemary and Sheldon Bell.

Associated With

He and Peter Kirkbride are both accomplished powerlifters.

Top Asked Questions about Mark Bell

How old is Mark Bell in 2022?

Mark Bell is 45 years old today.

When was Mark Bell born?

Mark Bell was born on December 10, 1976 in Sacramento, CA.

What is Mark Bell zodiac sign?

Mark Bell zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

What was Mark Bell best known for?

Mark Bell was best known as Weight Lifter.

Fun Facts about Mark Bell's Birthday

Here's quick list of some fun facts about Mark Bell's birthday you must know including detailed age calculation, western astrology, roman numeral, birthstone and birth flower.

  • Mark Bell was born on Friday, 345th day / 50th week of 1976
  • Mark Bell has Sagittarius zodiac sign and Fire element based on western astrology
  • Roman numeral of Mark Bell birthday is X.XII.MCMLXXVI
  • Mark Bell's birthstone is Turquoise
  • Mark Bell's birth flower is Narcissus that symbolize sweetness, self-esteem & vanity
  • Mark Bell age in year is 45 years old
  • Mark Bell age in month is 549 months old
  • Mark Bell age in day is 16734 days old
  • Mark Bell age in hour is 401616 hours old
  • Mark Bell age in minute is 24096960 minutes old
  • Mark Bell age in second is 1445817600 seconds old
  • Next Mark Bell birthday is on Sunday, December 10th 2023
  • Mark Bell age in next birthday (2023) is 46 years old
  • Learn more interesting facts about December 10, 1976 birthday

Historical Events on Mark Bell Birthday (December 10)

Below are historical events that coincided with Mark Bell's birthday including important historical events as well as births and deaths of historical figures.

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1978Arab-Israeli conflict: Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin and President of Egypt Anwar Sadat are jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
1979Kaohsiung Incident: Taiwanese pro-democracy demonstrations are suppressed by the KMT dictatorship, and organizers are arrested.
1983Democracy is restored in Argentina with the inauguration of President Raúl Alfonsín.
1984United Nations General Assembly recognizes the Convention against Torture.
1989Mongolian Revolution: At the country's first open pro-democracy public demonstration, Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj announces the establishment of the Mongolian Democratic Union.
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1994Rwandan genocide: Maurice Baril, military advisor to the U.N. Secretary-General and head of the Military Division of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations, recommends that UNAMIR stand down.
1995The Israeli army withdraws from Nablus pursuant to the terms of Oslo Accord.
1996The new Constitution of South Africa is promulgated by Nelson Mandela.
2014Palestinian minister Ziad Abu Ein was killed after the suppression of a demonstration by Israeli forces in the village (Turmus'ayya) in Ramallah.
2016Two explosions outside a football stadium in Istanbul, Turkey, kill 38 people and injure 166 others.
1987The birth of Gonzalo Higuaín, French-Argentinian footballer
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