Tommy Ton Age, Birthday, Bio, Zodiac, Family & Fun Facts

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Tommy Ton Age, Birthday, Birthplace, Bio, Zodiac &  Family

Tommy Ton Facts

Full NameTommy Ton
BirthdateMarch 09, 1984
Birth PlaceCanada
Age (in 2022)38 Years Old

Tommy Ton Age & Birthday

Tommy Ton is best known as Blogger who has born on March 09, 1984 in Canada. Currently, Tommy Ton is 38 years, 8 months and 23 days old. Tommy Ton will celebrate 39th birthday on Thursday, 9th of March 2023. Below the countdown to Tommy Ton upcoming birthday.

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Tommy Ton Biography


Professional blogger who is known for his wide variety of street style and other fashion content. He is also a photographer for several magazines including GQ and Style. 

Before Fame

His first experience in fashion began at the age of 16 when he worked for the Canadian eveningwear designer Wayne Clark. Beginning as a street photographer, his passion for fashion took over and he began his own blog in 2006. 


He has done commercial work with several high profile clients including Louis Vuitton, GAP and Club Monaco who have commissioned him for fashion and trends in both photography and style. 

Family Life

He was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. 

Associated With

He has worked with and photographed several celebrities including Maria Palm, Camille Charriere, and Raf Simons. 

Top Asked Questions about Tommy Ton

How old is Tommy Ton in 2022?

Tommy Ton is 38 years old today.

When was Tommy Ton born?

Tommy Ton was born on March 09, 1984 in Canada.

What is Tommy Ton zodiac sign?

Tommy Ton zodiac sign is Pisces.

What was Tommy Ton best known for?

Tommy Ton was best known as Blogger.

Fun Facts about Tommy Ton's Birthday

Here's quick list of some fun facts about Tommy Ton's birthday you must know including detailed age calculation, western astrology, roman numeral, birthstone and birth flower.

  • Tommy Ton was born on Friday, 69th day / 10th week of 1984
  • Tommy Ton has Pisces zodiac sign and Water element based on western astrology
  • Roman numeral of Tommy Ton birthday is IX.III.MCMLXXXIV
  • Tommy Ton's birthstone is Aquamarine
  • Tommy Ton's birth flower is Daffodil that symbolize spring, rebirth, domestic happiness & love
  • Tommy Ton age in year is 38 years old
  • Tommy Ton age in month is 464 months old
  • Tommy Ton age in day is 14146 days old
  • Tommy Ton age in hour is 339504 hours old
  • Tommy Ton age in minute is 20370240 minutes old
  • Tommy Ton age in second is 1222214400 seconds old
  • Next Tommy Ton birthday is on Thursday, March 9th 2023
  • Tommy Ton age in next birthday (2023) is 39 years old
  • Learn more interesting facts about March 09, 1984 birthday

Historical Events on Tommy Ton Birthday (March 09)

Below are historical events that coincided with Tommy Ton's birthday including important historical events as well as births and deaths of historical figures.

1946Bolton Wanderers stadium disaster at Burnden Park, Bolton, England, kills 33 and injures hundreds more.
1954McCarthyism: CBS television broadcasts the See It Now episode, "A Report on Senator Joseph McCarthy", produced by Fred Friendly.
1956Soviet forces suppress mass demonstrations in the Georgian SSR, reacting to Nikita Khrushchev's de-Stalinization policy.
1957The 8.6 Mw  Andreanof Islands earthquake shakes the Aleutian Islands with a maximum Mercalli intensity of VIII (Severe), causing $5 million in damage from ground movement and a destructive tsunami that affected Hawaii, where two people were killed in a plane crash while documenting its arrival.
1959The Barbie doll makes its debut at the American International Toy Fair in New York.
1960Dr. Belding Hibbard Scribner implants for the first time a shunt he invented into a patient, which allows the patient to receive hemodialysis on a regular basis.
1961Sputnik 9 successfully launches, carrying a human dummy nicknamed Ivan Ivanovich, and demonstrating that the Soviet Union was ready to begin human spaceflight.
1967Trans World Airlines Flight 553, a Douglas DC-9-15, crashes in a field in Concord Township, Ohio following a mid-air collision with a Beechcraft Baron, killing 26.
1974The Mars 7 Flyby bus releases the descent module too early, missing Mars.
1976Forty-two people die in the Cavalese cable car disaster, the worst cable-car accident to date.
1977The Hanafi Siege: In a thirty-nine-hour standoff, armed Hanafi Muslims seize three Washington, D.C., buildings, killing two and taking 149 hostage.
1978President Soeharto inaugurated Jagorawi Toll Road, the first toll highway in Indonesia, connecting Jakarta, Bogor and Ciawi, West Java.
1997Comet Hale-Bopp: Observers in China, Mongolia and eastern Siberia are treated to a rare double feature as an eclipse permits Hale-Bopp to be seen during the day.
2011Space Shuttle Discovery makes its final landing after 39 flights.
2012At least 130 rockets are fired into Israel from Gaza. Twelve Palestinians militants are killed as part of the latest escalation in violence in the region.
1986The birth of Colin Greening, Canadian ice hockey player
1986The birth of Brittany Snow, American actress and producer
1987The birth of Bow Wow, American rapper, actor, and television host
1987The birth of Tochiōzan Yūichirō, Japanese sumo wrestler
1989The birth of Kim Tae-yeon, South Korean Singer
1990The birth of Daley Blind, Dutch footballer
1990The birth of Tatsuki Machida, Japanese figure skater
1990The birth of Aras Özbiliz, Turkish-Armenian footballer
1990The birth of Matt Robinson, New Zealand rugby league player
1990The birth of YG (rapper), American rapper
1991The birth of Jooyoung, Korean singer-songwriter
1993The birth of Suga, Korean artist (BTS)
1994The birth of Morgan Rielly, Canadian ice hockey player
1997The birth of Darsheel Safary, Indian actor
2001The birth of Jeon So-mi, Canadian-South Korean singer (I.O.I)
2010The death of Doris Haddock, American activist and politician (b. 1910)
2011The death of David S. Broder, American journalist and academic (b. 1929)
2012The death of Willye Dennis, American librarian and politician (b. 1926)
2012The death of Jose Tomas Sanchez, Filipino cardinal (b. 1920)
2012The death of Agnes Torres, Mexican psychologist, researcher, and transgender activist (b. 1939)
2013The death of Max Jakobson, Finnish journalist and diplomat (b. 1923)
2013The death of Viren J. Shah, Indian businessman and politician, 21st Governor of West Bengal (b. 1926)
2013The death of Merton Simpson, American painter and art collector (b. 1928)
2014The death of Mohammed Fahim, Afghan field marshal and politician, Vice President of Afghanistan (b. 1924)
2014The death of William Clay Ford, Sr., American businessman (b. 1925)
2015The death of James Molyneaux, Baron Molyneaux of Killead, Northern Irish soldier and politician (b. 1920)
2016The death of Robert Horton, American actor (b. 1924)
2016The death of Clyde Lovellette, American basketball player and coach (b. 1929)
2017The death of Howard Hodgkin, British painter (b. 1932)
2018The death of Jo Min-ki, Korean actor (b. 1965)

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